Helping one of the next generation of TLD (Top Level Domain) startups create an activation mechanic.


dotfans owned the domain .fans and needed a mechanic to allow users and companies to activate their .fans domain names. Mumu was tasked to develop a mechanic to allow DotFans’ potential customers to achieve this.


A web application was created to allow customers to first check the status of their domain name.

This would do a lookup if the domain was available, or someone had already registered. In addition, some domains are listed protected or reserved. In these instances the user must upload supporting documentation to be able to activate their domain name to prove they are associated with the protected brand name.

Users are then funnelled through a relevant application process.

By integrating with CentralNic’s EPP and Registry APIs, we made the process fully automated for both the customer and DotFans to easily register and activate their domains.

Mumu also integrated the Zendesk API to allow dotFans to review and liaise with customers with ease.