Helping one of the country’s largest regional media organisations make sense of their 2 million strong audience.


KM Media Group commissioned Mumu Agency to scope and develop a hybrid Data Management and Customer Relationship Management platform to enable them to gain a full understanding of their digital audience. Working with existing platform’s APIs, the aim was to create a funnel for all data inputs.


Mumu split the project out into clear phases to ensure a high quality end product. Starting with a 2 day workshop with all project stakeholders involved, Mumu broke through the initial brief to get to the core of the platform. By doing this we ensured a lean, cost effective and clearly defined scope to form the base of the project.

Mumu developed user journeys, wireframes and a visual theme for the platform to ensure all requirements were being met before jumping into development.

This short, focused project cycle allowed the team to identify any problems up front and come up with solutions instead refactoring development later down the line.

Mumu developed a platform that allowed the simple and unified ingestion of user data from various sources, in turn allowing them to create segments of users based on a number of filter criteria. The generated user segments were then used for reporting and targeting campaigns. The platform was built with scalability and flexibility in mind, keeping future-proofing at its core to easily allow for additional data sources and ensure the possibility of productising the end solution.


KM have effectively used their existing email campaigns and ad serving to refine its audience for advertisers to intricate degrees.

Phase 2 and 3 in production.