Taking one of the most established electronic music magazines from physical to digital audio solutions.


With the onset of online music Mixmag had the desire to replace their covermount CDs each month with a unique download card on each magazine. The user would then go to a website to enter a code for download, in turn ensuring data capture of each user.


Printed cards have unique IDs on them that allows the user to go to a site to download the mix. A widget that can be embedded using an iframe or Edge Side Includes an input field for the 8 character token.

The user can then input their token and press submit.

If the token matches a valid token in the database, the user will be provided the option to download the track.

The user may only download the track a maximum of X times (for example max of 5 times). If the token does not match one in the database it will ask the user to try again.